My Etsy Buys

Having never bought anything from Etsy, I took the plunge last week and bought these Japanese craft books. I bought them both from the same seller who sells lots of different Japanese craft books and I was really impressed with the delivery time. They only took a week to arrive from Japan - delivery of items from within the UK usually takes longer than that.
The first book that I bought features crochet items to use in the home, mainly cleaning cloths but also covers for household items such as air freshers, spray cleaning bottles etc.

I was actually drawn to this book because of this little blue octopus. I thought it might make a cute wash cloth for Little L.

I also like the idea of these keyboard brushes. They might even encourage the older children to give their laptops a brush.
I don't even know what the name of the craft in the second book is, or if it has a name. The book is filled with lots of little characters made by winding wool in to tight balls and tightly around wire. I bought this book as I have seen key rings with figures on made by this method and wanted to give it a try myself.

At the moment I am trying to reduce my stash of wool so I think that both these books will come in handy as the projects don't take up large amounts.