Baking And Buttons

Today I did a little baking again using a recipe which I found on the Attic24 blog .. Thank you Lucy :). I've made these Oaty Cookies a few times now and usually use dried apricots as my dried fruit ingredient.

After baking I decided to try and sort out my buttons. I have been saving up my 'posh' jam jars to put store them in but they are not big enough to put some colours in. Plus while it has sorted a few buttons out, I now don't have the space anywhere to put these jam jars. Oh well, at least I have made a start and really it was just an excuse for me and Little L to play with them for a while.


twobutterflies said...

I love those jam jars - I use them for storage too!

Shell said...

Me too but I hate jam so I have too kind of force it people just to get the jars :)