Allow me too introduce... ME!

   Well, Hello Ladies and Gents! I'm Jays daughter, Chelsea (Shells niece), and as my Mum doesn't have a lot of time to write on the blog because of work I've been asked to make a contribution, which of course I'm happy too, being my ever nerdy and crafty self I'm sure I can find lots of things to show you!
    I'm relatively new to blogging, (aside from the one time attempt which went down like a lead ballon!) So I decided my first post would be an introduction too me! Well, I'm not very good at intricate crafty things like my aunty, but I'm told I'm a pretty good cook and I love creating things out of chocolate! I'm hopefully going to be returning to sixth form in September where I'll be studying Art, Drama, Psychology and Photography. I'll be leaving school in 2014 with the ambition of becoming a Tattoo Artist or maybe running my own cake and biscuit company!
Me getting ready to go to prom! My moves went down a storm on the dance floor! ;)
   My hair and my piercing are my biggest on going project with the current total of 5 piercings, and bright blue and brown hair.
   Lots of people call me emo or goth but I'm a bit of everything! I went to prom in lots of bright colours because everyone was expecting me to go in black. Haha fooled them!
  Well thats all :) Ciao for now!

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