Chick Update

The chicks are now six weeks old and we are down to three. We lost one a couple of weeks ago (it never looked as strong as the rest ). They are still growing feathers on their heads so they look a bit tatty at the moment. Now they don't need the heat lamp we were able to move the house coop on to the lawn so they could have a dig around in the grass.

Last night when we cleaned them out they had their first wander a round the garden. They didn't  go far and stuck together in their little gang.

Reading this I realise that the word 'they' is here an awful lot but its because I don't know what sex they are yet and only Little L has named hers. My sister told me to look at the combs ( the bobbly piece of skin above the beak ) and said that cockerels have larger ones then hens. Well I keep looking and they are either all hens or all cockerels, they all look the same to me. I hope they are not cockerels though as I live in a residential area and if they start cockadoodledooing it won't go down too well with the neighbours. My sister has kindly said she would put them in with hers if they are. Fingers crossed they all turn out to be ladies because we have all got a bit attached to the cute, funny little things.

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