Drawing Journal

Yesterday a book I had been waiting for arrived, this drawing journal. Having not taken art at school, I think that my kind of drawing is considered more of a doodle or child like so I purchased this in the hope that I may improve. Also with the book being focused towards nature, it will encourage me to leave the house more even to sit in my own garden, which I hardly ever do.

I love the art work on the book which is also sprinkled throughout. It's not a step by step drawing book but the first part does feature some drawing exercises with the most of the book being pages to fill with your own sketches.
I'm looking forward to the weather picking up a bit so I can go off outside with my book and pencils.

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amy said...

I have that one too! I meant to give it to my 7yo but, um, sort of kept it for myself... :) Enjoy it!