Hexagon Blanket

Last night I finished the hexagon blanket that I was making for my youngest boy. I don't think that I have ever completed a blanket this fast before, I feel like I have just whizzed through it. My hands are paying for it now so I will have to lay off hooks and knitting needles for a while but then again I always say that and only manage a couple of days.

I haven't made a blanket which needed sewing together for along time, I usually crochet my bits together so I did this as I went along then it wouldn't seem so much of a chore. Most of the ends were crocheted in so I didn't need to sew them in at the end.

My youngest boy doesn't know that it is finished yet so it will be a nice surprise for him when he gets in from school and sees it on his bed though knowing what he is like, he will bring it back downstairs and wrap himself up in it on the sofa.


amy said...

Shell, it's beautiful! Such bright colors--love your choices!

Paula said...

That's a beautiful blanket, I love the bright colours.

Shell said...

Thank you Amy and Paula. I can't take credit for the colours choices though as my son picked his own for this.