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Today I went off into town with the kiddies on a mission. Traipsing around all the charity shops looking for an old typewriter. My youngest boy has his heart set on one. He spied one in a case months ago and didn't know what it was until I opened it. He'd never seen one before ( pity I can't say I'm too young to know what they are but I used them in my typing lessons at school ). Anyway he begged me to buy it for him but the only trouble was I was laden with bags and still had to do the food shop and those things are 'heavy' especially walking any distance with one. We did go back, empty handed on our next trip to town but it had gone so we are still looking for one - no luck today though.
The only other thing was to buy a book for my husband. Book shops are my most favourite type of shops and can even feel a bit disappointed if nothing catches my eye and I leave the shop empty handed so it's a good job that I don't have the opportunity to enter one too often.

Today I came home with The Liberty Book of Home Sewing. It is a beautiful looking book with plenty of patterns and a small history of Liberty fabrics in the foreword but unless you are mad about Liberty fabrics I don't think that is worth the cover price of £20. I paid £6.99 for mine from The Works.
When I arrived back home, I had a parcel waiting for me which I had been expecting.

It was the Hoopla book which I ordered. I first saw this book when it was featured as a give away last week on the feeling stitchy blog. I whizzed on over to Amazon with the intentions of popping it in my wish list but ended up buying it. It doesn't happen very often that I 'just have to have' a certain book, they usually hang a round in my wish list for months or even years. Anyway while looking at Hoopla on Amazon, I clicked 'the look inside' doo dah and I think it was Sherri Lynn Wood's tattooed baby dolls that made me just pop it in my basket instead. The book is pretty chunky and there are lots of interviews with the featured artists, some I have heard of through craft blog's, some new to me which I can't wait to read.

Loads of great photos and interesting projects. I love this jackalope but I tend to like anything rabbity/ jackalopey/ wolpertingery.

I've only had a quick flick through it yet but I think I'm instantly drawn to at least five projects. I can see this book being one of my favourites for a long time.
Now I can't wait to get the kiddies in bed tonight so I can nestle on the sofa with my new books. Is it too early to send them to bed now at 3:00pm ?

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amy said...

I went over to Amazon after seeing Hoopla on Feeling Stitchy, too! It's still on my wish list, because I was able to order it thru interlibrary loan. I've been devouring it. I love the interviews, and I'll be ordering my own copy so I can refer to them again and again. Enjoy it!!