Wishing For Warm Weather

.... or just a little warmer than we have here at the moment would be nice. We have not had any snow here just some hail and sleet with frost on top making the pavements and roads lethal. This morning was a slippery one and the paths leading to Little L's playground don't get gritted so it is a good job that I put reins on her as within 2 minutes of leaving the house she slipped right over but because I lifted her reins as she fell she was just suspended in the air a bit like Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible.

When I came back home I nipped in to the garden to take some frosty photos but didn't keep many as they were too burry. I treated myself to a new camera last week and am still trying to work out how to use the thing. I am useless with reading instructions. I think its because I find them so boring, they just don't sink in so with something like a camera unless its a function I use regularly I have to refer back to the instruction manual.

Last week I was and still am in a bit of a fidgety, restless mood. I can't stand just sitting still doing nothing but I don't know what it is that I actually want to do. Craftwise, Little L's crocheted cushion cover was finished and I made a cute crocheted bunny from this pattern.

The sooner I decide on what I actually want to do and this daft mood passes, the better.

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amy said...

That restless fidgety mood is going around! I'm having the worst time focusing. Maybe it's the moon. I like to blame things like this on the phase of the moon when I can. ;)