Giger Embroidery

The past couple of weeks seem to have just zoomed by.
The children have been off school for the Easter holidays and I've just been spending time de-cluttering and trying to get Little L in to a sleeping pattern. We have bought her a new bed and changed her room round a bit but so far she hasn't spent a full night in her own bed and ends up in with us any time between 1 - 3 am. It wouldn't be so bad but she moans that she hardly has any room when I'm sure she has more than anyone.
Also I have had to replace my kettle, toaster and iron this week. The kettle was refusing to stay switched on, the toaster was tripping the electric off and the iron stopped steaming in favour of leaking water everywhere. It's just been one of those weeks I think.

The only thing I have managed to do craft wise is this embroidery of a H.R.Giger illustration. While I was stitching it my son asked if it was a snake or giraffe. The picture that I used is from a book about the artist which I bought my husband a few years ago.

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amy said...

Super interesting embroidery. To me it looks like a hand attached to an arm to a leg to a high-heeled shoe. Kind of Escher-ish.

Good luck with the sleeping. All of mine began in the bed and boomeranged back at times. The recent time change threw my 3yo for a loop for a couple of weeks, resulting in some bed wetting--I think her body was in deep sleep at the wrong time. Once she adjusted that stopped, thankfully, because we were all exhausted. Stupid time change.