Party Time ..

.. for Little L's sylvanians.
The weather here has been terrible lately so I've only ventured out when I had to. This morning while Little L was in playgroup I made her some accessories for her sylvanian families. Some of the accessories which come with the toys are made from paper and as you can imagine seem to last mere seconds before being demolished by chubby little fingers. I have learnt to scan all the paper bits and bobs before handing them over to play with. That way I can print out a replacement when needed.

The hats, crowns and bunting were made from scraps of felt and ribbon which I think may last Little L a bit longer.

Though I've felt like a prisoner this week due to the rain, its given me chance to do some more baking and try out a new recipe.

I tried out a recipe found on the Frugal Queen  blog for a pineapple upside down cake. Its quite a large cake considering there is only my husband in the house who likes pineapple or cherries but my Dad took a big chunk of cake home with him and my husband has scoffed his way through the rest so it didn't last long.


Alicia said...

What beautiful little mice and very good idea to keep the little patterns on your computer! Ah and the bread looks delicious!

Bubble My Licorice said...

Omg these are sooo cute :)
amazing post!!