A Wander Through The Forest

I've not been able to get around to posting lately due to a succession of bugs doing the rounds in this house for the past month, colds, sore throats, sickness bugs. At the moment I'm constantly checking Little L for spots as her friend at school was sent home with chicken pox last week but other than that everyone here appears to be back to normal.
Last month before all the illnesses started my husband past his driving test. He has had his motorbike licence for 17 years which meant that he didn't have to sit for the theory test. He only found this out when he tried to book the test after practising theory tests for weeks on the PC. Considering the site for booking the test is government run you would think that this information would be stated somewhere.

Our first trip out was to Delamere Forest which is only about 10 miles away from us. We have been on train before with the boys but it was a new place to Little L. She was really excited before we went but that was because she thought we might see a Gruffalo (her favourite book) and wanted to take some biscuits to coax one out.

No Gruffalo were spotted but plenty of these dens were found made from branches and fern leaves. This one was the largest that the children found.

Lots of different fungi were found.

Caleb (my youngest boy has decided that he doesn't like being called youngest boy or son and told me to just use his name) spotted this one growing on a tree trunk in a bog. He said that he thought it looked like a prawn cracker.
When we were ready for home, all strapped in the car, my husband started patting his pockets and looked a bit panicky. When he had put all our things in the boot, he had put his jacket in there with the car keys in the pocket. So there we were parked up, no mobile, everything in the boot. It's a good job that we don't live too far from the forest. My father in law came to the rescue with some tools to remove a back speaker and from there was able to rummage around in my husbands jacket for the keys.
Quite an eventful first trip out.

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Paula said...

I love a good walk through the forest and your one sounds and looks like a beautiful spot for some wandering. I'm glad you found your car keyes :-)