Finished Projects

At the moment I'm trying to get around to finishing off some projects which have been hanging about before I start on Christmassy stuff.

I'd been asked by one of the ladies who run the playgroup Little L used to attend if I would knit some dolls clothes for them if they supplied the wool. Two sets of clothes were knitted, a blanket crocheted and a quilt and pillow made while I was making one for Little L. These were dropped off to the playgroup yesterday.

This embroidery was finished off.

It was going to be a bag when I first started but now I can't make my mind up if I should put it on a pillow instead.

When Caleb saw this pattern he thought it was hilarious and asked me to make him some so I stitched some on to felt and added shirring elastic.

Both of the patterns are from  Sublime Stitching . The top one is called Many Mountains and the moustache pattern is a freebie.

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Oh do so like the stitchery ... you've given me an idea for Christmas.
And the moustashe .. well .. what can I say ..just fab!

Vicky x