Quick Christmas Embroideries

With Christmas not too far away I didn't want to start making anything which will take too long for me to complete as I still have a couple of unfinished projects lingering around so this week I made these two small embroideries. Both are free and can be found on Kitschy Digitals.

The robin is part of the Festive Bird Set designed by Bridgeen Gillespie. My Mum loves this one so now it's finished it will be going to live with her.

The Yule Tree Sprite is designed by Cate Anevski. I'll be keeping this one as it is Caleb's favourite and he likes Cate's designs

Last night while reading through my blog list I saw a recipe posted on by the babbling brooke ,for chocolate shortbread. Instead of making a shortbread round I cut the mixture into biscuits for the children. I did have to try one myself, just for a little taste test and I can't see these lasting for long when the children come in or Anders for that matter. Thanks for posting the recipe Kate :)


Kate said...

I like your stitcheries and thank you for the link.
I'm so pleased that you tried the chocolate shortbread and what a swell idea to make cutouts from it - hope your family enjoys it. ;)
Merry Christmas!

Paula said...

Your embroideries are beautiful, I particulalrly like the one with the robin and the fabric you used is just perfect.

Had a quick look at the chocolate shortbread recipe as my son loves shortbread and I might try it as it sounds delicious. LIke your idea of using biscuit cutters.

Wendy said...

your embroideries are so sweet!