The Forgotten Tree

Does anybody else has a space in their house which is generally used just for dumping stuff ....  things that you buy or are given which just gets put in the 'dumping space' until it finds its proper home. Well ours is a little gap between a chest of drawers and the wall and at the moment it is home to a backpack in the shape of Yoda (this was my sister's), a camera tripod (used to be my Dad's), a giant Christmas cracker (January sale last year) and a little white Christmas tree (also January sales). Due to this space being the usual spot for storing wrapping paper, I discovered the little tree last week. I didn't know how I wanted to decorate the tree but knew that I didn't want to go out buying decorations for it so I started to search the internet for Christmas decorations tutorials. There are absolutely loads especially for felt ornaments so I set about making some.

All of decorations in the above picture were made using free patterns which can be found on the Wild Olive blog.

The patterns for these were from a few different sites, Candy Cane and Pudding - Bugs And Fishes  , Robin - Dazie Delights and the Ballet Slippers - Imagine Our Life .
I thought I wouldn't have to make many more to have enough for the tree ( it's only 2ft ) then at the end of last week my Gran send me a box with her old Christmas decorations in. We had been talking on the phone and Gran said that although she does put some decorations out, the tree is too much bother for her these days (my Gran is 89). She said that still had her old decorations and if I had any use for them she would send them to me but to her it was a box of tat.

Some of the decorations in the box were quite modern but others like these birds I remember her having when I was little

I love these old Christmas light bulbs

but my favourite thing in the box is this fairy. I don't know how old it is but my Dad said it was always on the tree when he was a boy and he was born in '52.
After receiving these ornaments I think it would be nice to have all vintage decorations on my little tree but I'm not prepared to pay what they go for on Ebay especially at this time of year so I'll keep my eye out for some more next year but I'll definitely put the fairy out somewhere. Somewhere Little L's hands can't reach.


Paula said...

I love your felt ornaments especially the ballet shoes, and your vintage decorations are so beautiful. I remember as a child we used to have the most beautiful baubles and I wish now my mum had kept them as I'd love to have them. You're lucky your gran has kept those and sent them to you.

Bonkersbird said...

I have that fairy too! Was wondering how old it was. I knew it had to be at least 40 years old :)

Anonymous said...

I have this fairy on my tree every year, my parents bought it from Woolworths in 1958, their first Christmas.
I 'stole' it in 1983 for our first tree...!

I've given her new dress, wings and wand though.