Problem Sorted

Earlier this week I was having trouble uploading images but after changing my browser to Google Chrome everything seems back to normal.
I'm just getting into my usual routine now my children have returned to school. Craft wise the only thing I have made since before Christmas is a mobile phone case. After the ' car keys locked in the boot ' palaver, I thought that I should buy a mobile. I've not owned one for about 10 years. I used to have it practically glued to me, narrowly missing obstacles in the street due to constant texting. When the phone died on me I just never bothered to replace it. I can't say that I missed having one either. Life is much more quieter without one. My eldest son set the phone up for me as I didn't have a clue. I don't even think that my last mobile had a camera on it.

Anyway this is the case which I made at the beginning of the week. Anders said that if he has to take the phone anywhere with him, he'll have to make sure he hides it.


Star said...

Aww the case is so very cute! I admire that you've not owned a phone for so long. I only use mine for important things like Uni and work, but if those were taken away I probably wouldn't have one either, I barely use it. But new phones are ridiculous, huge in size with a thousand functions you will never use. But at least it keeps you connected with family. (& in my opinion, Google Chrome is the best browser.)

Paula said...

That's an adorable mobile phone case.