52 Reasons Book

I have noticed 52 reasons books popping up on the Internet for the past couple of years around Valentines Day ( though I think they could be given at any time of year )and never got around to making one until now. I like the idea of these because they are personal to whoever you are making it for. When I started mine, I seemed to get a memory block when I had only reached number 15 and I wasn't going to resort to just using, nice eyes, nice smile, etc. After a little break though I thought of lots.

My sister had never heard of these books and while we were discussing it one night on the phone my husband was being nosey. He said coming up with 52 things would be really easy and made me a list. Anyone who ever read his list though would think that I'm a cross between a domestic slave and a clown. He also seems to have the ability to insult with a compliment. It's a good job I have a sense of humour.

The tutorial I used to make this book can be found here


amy said...

What a cute idea. I hadn't seen these books before. The possibilities!!

Star said...

Oh my word!! Hahaha that made me chuckle! Your husband sounds like a sweet guy to make you your own list though, even if there are unintentional insults...

Your book looks amazing and well made by the way!! Well done you.