Scrappy Crochet Blanket

Last week I finally finished the crocheted blanket that I started in June last year made using scrap wool. I was running low on wool as I was approaching the end but my Gran came to the rescue and sent me a bag of scraps. My weekend was spent sewing in what seemed like thousands of ends so I'll have to remember that if I embark on something with so many colour changes again to do this as I go along.  The blanket measured approximately 66 x 66 in so I think that it turned out to be a pretty good size considering it is entirely made from scraps.

In the bag my Gran sent me was enough eyelash wool to make a scarf so at the moment I'm knitting this up then I'll send it back to her.

Also last week this basket turned up at my house. My sister had been given it but knew that she would never use it so passed it to me. It is now home to my knitting, an embroidery I'm working on, an old tin which contains all my sewing bits and bobs and there is still plenty of room inside. My crafty stuff is usually scattered here, there and everywhere around the living room so it's nice to have it all in one place for a change.


Paula said...

Your blanket is beautiful and very colourful, that's just my kind of blanket. I know what you mean about the weaving in the ends it's a nightmare if you leave to last.

Love your basket too and the fact that it's got a lid.

Dipsydoodled said...

Your blanket it great! I love all those colors. It is hard to believe that you had that much scrap yarn on hand!

I am envious of your basket. How perfect for your crafting supplies.

Julia Marsh said...

Your blanket is stunning...well done you!