A Trip To An Asylum

Yesterday was a rare child free day for myself and Anders. The trip out was to see Denbigh Asylum so I could take photos. He knows that I love old buildings especially old derelict ones. I think they are growing on him as well to be honest.
There are loads of photos of this asylum on the internet with many taken of the interior but after reading about the building, it's clear that these shots weren't taken entirely risk free but involved some dodging of a security man and dog. Now that is a bit too daring for me as I like to take nice leisurely shots plus I can't run so Anders suggested we take a ride there just to see if I could take any photos from the road side.

This one was taken at the main gates.

The building is beautiful. I don't know why but I was expecting it to be more secluded but driving from Denbigh town it can be clearly seen plus I don't think I have ever seen a building so grand. These photos were taken from the road side.

Although the building is in plain view and looks easily accessible, these signs can be seen all the way around the perimeter. 

These photos are of what used to be the nurses quarters

and these are of the back of the building.
From what I have read about the place we may not have been too far away from the chapel and morgue which is situated behind the building. There were most probably people inside as it doesn't seem uncommon for groups of people to come across each other in there all with the same purpose of taking photos.
 To me its heartbreaking to watch a beautiful building which has lasted for over a hundred and fifty years simply be left to rot. Hopefully someone will come to it's rescue before it becomes unsalvagable.


amy said...

When I was a photography student, I regularly trespassed into an old abandoned mill building to take B&W film exposures. I have some wonderful pics from that place. My husband (boyfriend at the time) and I were exposed to plenty of asbestos there, too. My photography instructor used to joke that half the class was going to end up on the back of milk cartons because of the types of places we trespassed onto in order to get the shots we wanted. So I understand your attraction to photographing old buildings. ;)

Paula said...

I agree with you, what a shame this wonderful building is not being used for anything such a waste.