A Wander Around Denbigh

After our visit to the asylum in Denbigh yesterday we went for a wander around the town. Our first stop was Denbigh Castle which is situated high above the town. 

As you can see from some of the photos it was a funny day weather wise. It was a bit on the windy side with us having glorious sunshine one minute and the next it turned extremely dull and overcast.
We then headed into town where Anders became overly excited due to the price of a parking ticket. Paying for parking is always much cheaper in Wales ( it was only £1 for up to 4 hours ) and I would have thought that he would be used to it by now but apparently not. There was plenty of time left on the ticket when it was time for us to leave so he stuck it on the machine for someone else to use.

The first thing I took a photo of was these old petrol pumps. I've not seen any like this for years and I don't think that my boys would even know what they were.
Not many of the shops were open as it was a Sunday which was fine by me as then I can't be tempted to spend money on something that I actually don't need. 

While looking a round, I spied this display in a chemists window.

The pharmacy has occupied the same site since 1811.

Another thing which caught my eye was this which is above a doorway on the town hall. 
Denbigh is a lovely historical town which I enjoyed exploring mainly due to the interesting architecture. Its not a place that my children would find particularly interesting but we think both sets of our parents would enjoy a visit. Though I did warn my mum in law that the pavements can be quite hilly and steep in places so I advised better footwear than flip flops.

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Paula said...

What a lovely display on the pharmacy window although I find the syringe a little scary.