A Few Days Away

Just before the children began their new school year we had the chance to go away for a few days. Little L was very excited as she has never stayed in a caravan before. The caravan site was at Borth in Wales which wouldn't take too long to drive to if we did a straight run there but we stopped twice for toilet breaks and to stretch our legs. The first stop was at Bala then another at a rabbit village which we found on the way.

After settling in we all went down to the beach so that Little L could fly her kite (another first for her). It was extremely windy so the kite didn't last long as it crashed on to some rocks.

We had a bit of palaver trying to get Little L to bed the first night but I think that was only due to being in a strange place and bed. The boys went off to the arcade and soon meet more people of their own age. The site we were at didn't have WiFi which I was happy about really because I could just see my eldest boy staying in his bedroom on Facebook chatting with his friends but instead he actually went out and enjoyed himself. I'm pretty glad the internet wasn't around when I was younger, I would have missed out on a lot.
On our first full day there we drove over to Aberyswyth which was only a 30 minutes away. 

Railway up Constitution Hill

University building on the seafront

This old building caught my eye. I love the window and tiles. 
We had never been there before and would have liked to spent more time exploring.

Our last day was spent on the beach in Borth where everyone besides myself thought it would be a great idea to go for a dip in the sea. They must be barmy because it was freezing. I began the packing that night and this must be the first time that I have never left anything behind. 
One the way home we had two stops again. The first at Barmouth. This was a place the children had never been to before and where Little L saw her first sand dunes ( she has only been on pebbly beaches before ). She loved it, running up and rolling down. We had a hard time trying to get her to leave.
Views of low clouds over mountains taken from the sand dunes in Barmouth.

The last stop was at a cafe on the top of Horseshoe Pass.  Little L had never seen sheep  roaming free and spent all her time trying to stroke one but they weren't that daft and soon got out of her way. We didn't go down the side horseshoe pass was on ( I certainly won't be doing that again in a hurry ). 

It was a holiday of a few firsts for Little L and on the way home she said that she wanted to stay on holiday because you get to do new things and home is always the same. I quite like the idea of being on a permanent holiday but unfortunately someone has to tackle this mountain of washing.

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