Back To The Beach

At the weekend we decided to spend a day at the beach as I don't think we will have many more chances to do this due to the weather changing. It was quite warm and sunny when went. Very windy though but it was a warm wind, not one that chills your bones. The beach we went to this time was Talacre .It was fairly busy and looked like there were a number of people still enjoying their Summer hols on the caravan park which is there.

Talacre is a popular beach due to its lighthouse and as the tide was out we could walk right up to it. Some of the sand dunes and a couple of ponds on the way to the beach were fenced off for conservation. These are both habitats to Sand Lizards and Natterjack Toads which are rare species in the UK.

Little L doing what she does best ... getting dirty and wet.

On the way home we took a quick detour and went to Flint castle. Little L has been asking to go to a real life castle even since she watched Jack The Giant Slayer. I've still to convince that giants never existed even though we have castles dotted about. Unfortunately the gates on the castle were locked when we arrived but we walked all the way around it and Little L thought it was 'cool ' anyway because it was ginormous. 

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Plos Constructions said...

It is good to have a stroll somewhere on the beach with friends and family... seeing such old monuments and buildings I often realize how well they have been constructed.