A New Winter Hat

This week I've been working on a new Winter hat for Little L. She had asked if I could make her a scarf this year but I wasn't too keen on the idea as I've seen many trailing through slush and dropped on the school path. Also I thought that one less thing to take to school is one less thing for her to lose there. I thought this pattern was a good compromise as she would still get a new hat plus it will keep her neck nice and toasty.

The pattern is from The Velvet Acorn which I purchased from Etsy. It was very easy to follow and knitted up quickly as it used chunky wool. There is also crochet version of the pattern available. The pattern covers sizes from 6/9 months to adult which is handy as my niece wants one of these too. Little L has her eye on the wolf hat pattern now. She really does love hats so sometimes it can be a bit of a mistake to even let her look at a knitting patterns.

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