A Quick Catch Up

This week Little L returned to school after her bout of chicken pox only to come home on Wednesday with a high temperature and sickness bug which is also doing the rounds at the school. Hopefully she won't pick up any more bugs before Christmas.

Craftwise, I've only made a couple of quick things. This small wire Christmas tree which I'm not sure does actually resemble a tree or just a beaded twirly thing

and this tree garland made using old music sheets. Little L helped with this by drawing the tree shapes out using a biscuit cutter. We only put it up today and I'm thinking that it looks too plain so I might take it down and let Little L loose on it with her glitter and sequins.

When Little L perked up later on this afternoon we got out the shrink art plastic and made these using a template from the Gingermelon Dolls blog. 


Star said...

These are so cut and festive! Great job!

Star said...

Whoops, I meant cute XD

moonstruckcreations said...

Really cute!

Hope little L feels much better soon.


Paula said...

Aww, poor Little L. I hope she gets better soon so she can enjoy Christmas.

I do like your beaded ornament, it looks very Christmassy. Also like you garland and the shrink art plastic, I've been wanting to try this for a long time.