Last Week

Little L caught something different than her usual coughs and colds last week. She came home with chicken pox. For the first couple of days she had a sore throat along with the spots but now besides being extremely irritated with the itchiness, she is very bored. We've been watching lots of films and she made these Christmas ornaments with air drying clay which are just waiting for a coat of varnish. We'll be doing something Christmassy with paper this afternoon. Little L loves cutting things out.

Coco, our rabbit is in the house for the Winter. Considering she is meant to be a miniature Rex she doesn't look far off a full sized one to me .... I think we've been had.

Craft wise, I've not been up to a great deal. I made these felt cats, a key ring for Little L's book bag and two magnets

and this pocket bunny for Little L from a Gingermelon pattern. 

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Paula said...

Aww poor thing, hope she gets better soon. I do like your clay ornaments, they look very sparkly and will look lovely on the tree.