Dressing Dolls

This week I had my sewing machine out to make some quick clothes for Little L's dolls. Both the patterns that I used were free ones which I found on the internet.

These dresses to fit a LaLaLoopsy doll were lined in plain white cotton and fasten at the back using velcro. I've never sewn velcro on using a machine before but it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. The stitches look slightly wonky on the loopy side but I don't suppose Little L will notice.

 There doesn't seem to be many patterns about to fit this type of doll and I'm not sure if they sell them in shops. I've not seen any. Little L now wants me to kit out her boy doll with a new set of clothes so he can get changed as well. I'll have to see if I can rustle up a pattern using the existing clothes. The pattern for this dress can be found here.

The other thing I made were these dolls nappies. Some were lined with blue cotton, others with flannelette from one of Little L's cot sheets. Little L loves these as she has been playing with her baby doll more lately. I think that might be because she had her first hold of a real baby a few weeks ago, she loved it and wants us to have one. Not a chance, my baby days are over so Little L will just have to be content playing with her dolls and visiting real babies that we don't have to bring home with us.


Carol said...

Shell, those dresses and nappies are adorable!

I'm waiting for grandchildren myself! ;)

Shell said...

Me too Carol but not for a long, long time yet.
My oldest son sat his first exam in my old high school yesterday and that made me feel ancient.
If only I could hop back to being 15 and tell myself the things I know now :)

Carol said...

Hope all went well with the exam!

I have been thinking about the 'young' me a lot lately - wouldn't it be nice to be able to pop back in time and just whisper a few things to ourselves?

My son is 26 and recently married - trying not to bug them! ;)