Retro Rabbits

These week I wanted to make something that I would actually finish quite quickly and not be added to my wip collection. After a look though a couple of books I settled on these retro bunnies because I still have a vast amount of the floral fabric left over from some sheets that my Gran gave to me. The pattern which I used is from the book  All Sewn Up by Chloe Owens. The patterns needed enlarged and I did that the old fashioned way by drawing a grid and copying square by square.

All the pieces were sewn on by hand and just used my sewing machine to sew the body pieces together. I used glittery buttons for eyes

and made some pom poms for tails.

Another thing which I made this week was this sleep mask for Little L. She had been looking through craft books with me, seen a mask and told me that she really wanted one for bed. I don't know why though considering she is scared of the dark. I found the pattern for this one here on Cut Out And Keep. 


Victoria Peel said...

Just love those bunnies .. ideal for easter pressies. Well done..

Vicky x

Star said...

Aw... They are so cute! :D

Amanda said...

Awww those bunnies are so adorable! I love the fabric that you used.