Everything Back To Normal

After all the time I spent trying to fix the blog posts I was told how to sort it out very quickly. If the photos had been deleted in the last 60 days (mine were), go in to the account where the photos are stored, retrieve them from the trash and they all go back on to the relevant posts. Sounds really obvious now. 

This week I finished knitting a new outfit for Little L's doll. The pattern I used for this was a Daisy May pattern (No.287) which I purchased from Ebay. The outfit below, also a Daisy May design (No.279) is one that I completed just before Christmas and didn't get around to posting.

These are a few small speedy items that I have made using some free patterns which I found.

This crocheted fox key ring for Little L's school bag,

a felt guinea pig ornament for my Mum

and a little monster ready to give to Little L on Valentines Day.

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