.. I hope that everyone had a great Christmas ( seems a bit daft saying that so far in to January ). Anyway craft wise I've not been up to a great deal. I've crocheted a couple of things, nice and simple patterns that I've been doing while catching up with Sons Of Anarchy and watching American Horror Story.

Little L received a new baby doll for Christmas and asked me to make a new blanket for it. She chose her own colours and she thinks its fantastic. The orange colour is shocking. I don't know what I can use the left over wool on.

I also made this neck warmer using this free Silver Shells pattern from DROPS Designs.

I never make New Years resolutions simply because I never can stick to them and if I really want to do something I can do it any time of the year. I have been looking at challenges mentioned on blogs though. There seem to be quite a few reading challenges about but I think a decluttering one would be more beneficial in our house so over this year I'm going to try and clear out 365 things. It does sound like a lot of stuff to get rid of but I'll have a good go.


krislovesfabric said...

That orange is beautiful, love it especially with the blue!!

Shell said...

It actually doesn't look too bad on the photo but working with it, it is more a neon orange.
My Dad told Little L that if she ever lost it that they could search for it from space.