Retro Style Photos

Yesterday I found a tutorial on giving your photos a retro look by adding light leaks and thought I'd try it out. I do like the look of photos taken using analogue cameras and don't mind light leaks on images but I do have a camera that lets in so much light you are lucky if you get any image at all. I've even tried blocking any gaps up with duct tape but nope, that didn't work.
I found some photos that were taken in LLandudno and gave the tutorial a go.

 For this you do need to use Photoshop, something that I'm still not too good at using but this was even simple enough for me to do.

The light leaks tutorial can be found here. The download for the effects are at the bottom of the page.

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Simone said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog Shell. I think I'd like to give this photo technique a go. I tend to point and shoot with my camera or just use the macro button. I need to be more creative! :-)