The Budding Photographer

Last week Little L asked me if she could have a proper camera. By that she meant a film camera. I explained to her that they are very different to digital cameras, no deleting the photos that didn't turn out how you would like, no simply popping them in to the PC but she was adamant that she wanted one. After looking in our local charity shops I only managed to find one analogue camera. Maybe they are being sold Ebay or being thrown away thinking that it is something that nobody uses any more.

This is the one that I found for her. It came boxed with the instructions and neck strap still in the packet for £1.50. Little L thinks its brilliant.
Yesterday the weather here was lovely, far too nice to be sat indoors so in the morning we set off with some cameras for a wander along the canal. We took Little L's camera, 

this Fuji Instax 100 ( I don't use this very often as I think its too chunky and heavy to carry )

and a Kodak Retinette 1B which had a partially used film in. This is one of my favourite cameras. For it's age it is like new and I think it only cost me about £7 when I found it.

These are a couple of the photos Little L took with the instant camera ( to be honest some of hers were better than mine ). Both films were finished and are now ready to be posted off. It's a shame that nowhere local still develop film on their premises. Its seems that Little L will never know the joys of one hour developing, rushing back to the shop and tearing open the packet the minute you step outside.

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Carol said...

Children and cameras - a wonderful thing! Her images are amazing - hope to see more, too!

In this age of too many 'selfies' it is so refreshing to see a young person using a film camera.