Konica Pop Camera

At the weekend I received my first set of prints taken with my Konica Pop camera.

 I'm always delighted when trying out a new camera and find it still works. The film I used was Agfa Vista Plus 200 which I bought from Poundland ( I've not seen any other camera film sold there ) When shopping for film I do usually buy 400 film but for a pound I thought it was worth a go.

These first photos were taken on a day out to Southport

and were taken at Valle Crucis Abbey in Wales.

I didn't have so much luck with the ninoka nk-700 on its first go. When the film had finished I couldn't seem to rewind it and when I opened the back of the camera the film had completely come out of the canister. The photos taken were of the Abbey so I'm glad I had taken some with the other camera. Never mind I'll try it out again another day.

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