Quick Catch Up

It has been a while since my last post. We've not been away on holiday here this year but been on a few days out and hopefully we'll fit in another this weekend. 
I've been trying to keep Little L entertained with crafting and baking but she is becoming bored now and can't wait for school to start. 

Nail varnish pendants

Bread making

I did intend on decorating our bedroom over the holidays but it seems to have turned in to a mammoth job just sorting the room out before we begin. I've even discovered clothes that I have no recollection of buying (that shows how often I sort though my wardrobe). Trips have been made to charity shops and I've spent a lot of time listing things on Ebay. We still need to be more ruthless with the clearing out though.

Dentist and optician appointments have been attended to over the holidays. It was when I went to pick up my new specs that we ended up with our new family addition. The opticians had messed up my order, we had an hour to kill while they sorted it out so went to look at the animals in our local pet shop. I don't know how long the shop has been in our town but remember going in when I was little and I prefer going there rather than a large chain pet store. In that time we had fell in love with a lion head buck which we have named Leo. He's a lovely little thing but he's a bit of a nibbler. Not skin though thankfully but anything fabric, plastic or wood.

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