From A Dress To Apron

I've had this dress in my wardrobe for a few years now. It looked awful on me when I bought it but I'm terrible at sending my on line buys back. I knew I'd never wear it so yesterday I took my scissors to it and turned it in to an apron.

I unpicked the bodice from the skirt and both of the skirt side seams.

From one skirt piece I cut off 2.5in from the skirt fabric and lining ( this is the piece I was keeping for the front of the apron ). From the other skirt piece I cut off three 2.5in strips. These are to make the waist and neck ties. All of these pieces I sewed together, right sides facing each other, turned them and top sewed around each strip. 
I inserted the ones I was using as waist ties in to the open sides of the waist band then sewed them closed. 
I re-hemmed the skirt and lining. 
Then sewed the skirt front and lining together on the inside so there would be no raw edges showing.

With contrasting fabric I cut out pieces to make the apron top and cut two 1.5in strips from the remaining skirt fabric. 
I used a close zig zag stitch to tidy up the edges of the strips and down the centre sewed a line using a large straight stitch. I then pulled one thread on the straight stitch to turn the fabric strip in to a ruffle. 
I pinned the ruffles to one of the apron pieces then sewed them on.

I pinned the neck ties in to postition ( I didn't want mine to tie at the back of the neck so I cut one shorter than the other ) then right sides facing, sewed the two apron pieces together. 
I turned the apron pieces the right way then top sewed the edges. 
I inserted the apron top in to the top of the waist band then sewed it closed. 
I sewed two buttons on the the apron top and it was finished.


Victoria - Florence and Mary said...

What a fantastic idea!

Victoria x

Miss Val's Creations said...

This was a great idea. The apron is adorable!