A Bit Quiet

 I thought I'd better pop on here and explain why the blog has been a bit quiet lately. Nothing exciting has been going on it's just that we have made a start on decorating the living room and it is not going to be a quick job. It has taken us weeks to acquire enough boxes to pack stuff away. We're not going to be keeping much of the furniture only one of the bookcases and TV unit. Anders is going to be building us some new storage, a pc desk (though that one is the last thing on the list of jobs) and coffee table at work. We are then replacing the sofas, cabinet, dining room set, basically everything else in the room

These shelves have now gone (My friend had some of them for her house)

and so have these bookcases. As you can see from the photos, we're not minimalist type of people but I have been having a good sort out along the way.

We have stripped most the old wallpaper from the walls and uncovered this stenciling which goes all around the room. After speaking to my Mum and a friend who live in the same type of house, they also have stenciling so I wonder if they were all decorated this way after they were built. There are lots of holes to fill and bits of plastering to do before we can get to the actual decorating part. That's the part of it that I enjoy doing and I can't wait to get started.

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