This Old House

This week Anders popped up in to the loft to find something we thought Little L might like.

We packed this doll house away when Little L began to find her feet as a toddler. I was worried in case she managed to pull it over on to herself so it has been in the loft since then. 

It had been passed around a few times before finding a home with us. My brother in laws boss had it built for his daughter and when she grew out of playing with it he offered it to my sister for my niece. Luckily she wanted it because if she didn't it was destined to be burnt on a bonfire. My niece had it for a while then it was passed to my Mum who had it in her spare room for the grandchildren to play with. When she got sick of dusting it, it came to us. My boys and his friends played with it a lot when they were little. Not much of the furniture has survived since then but it was never fully furnished away.

The roof could do with a fresh coat of paint but Little L thinks it's fantastic. She cleaned it and set up what bits we do have. This is going to be a long project for me and Little L though Anders is now trying to muscle in, he's talking about putting lights in it now. 

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