Manchester Museum

Well we had typical Bank Holiday weather here for the weekend, rain. After being stuck in doors for most of it we wanted at least one day out and opted for a day at Manchester Museum. So back to Manchester, twice in less than a week. As long as the traffic isn't bad it only takes about 30 minutes to drive there.

The admission is free and we managed to find a car park near by which cost £2 for the full day (much better price than last time). The museum was quite busy and I expect most people like us wanted to find an indoor activity due to the weather.

Dinosaurs were what Little L was most looking forward to seeing.

The T Rex is named Stan.

She was also impressed by the mummies in the Ancient Egypt collection. I don't think she could have got any closer to them when she was peering in to the cases.

The zoology collection was massive and houses one of the largest shell collections in the UK. 

Another thing Little L wanted to see after we had been reading about the museum was Maude the Tigon. Her father was a tiger and her mother a lion. She lived at Belle Vue Zoo in Manchester until 1949. When she died the skin was preserved and given to the museum. The skin was only mounted and displayed in the museum in 2015. Until I read about Maude I'd never heard of a Tigon and thought they was called Ligers. I also never knew that there used to be a zoo in Manchester (it closed in 1977)

These are just a few of the collections that we saw. It was a great day out and I think we are quite lucky that Little L finds this kind of thing interesting. 
The journey home was a bit of a nightmare. There was a big game on at the Old Trafford football ground. It wasn't so much that the traffic was bad, it was that grown men think they can waltz out in to the road straight on front of your car all because of a bleedin football match.

Anyway on the drive I managed to snap a photo of this Art Deco cinema in Stretford. The traffic lights changed to red just as we approached it so I quickly wound the window down and took a snap.

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