A Trip To Liverpool

Sunday was mine and Anders' 12th wedding anniversary and we chose to celebrate by having a day out. We decided on Liverpool through a recommendation by Little L. When she was learning about the Titanic last year in school she went on a school trip to the Maritime Museum and has been asking us to go ever since so off we went.

We arrived about 11am and the docks were already quite busy. We wandered along the docks as far as the Royal Liver building. 

The two birds named Bella and Bertie on the top of the building face opposite directions and one legend is that one faces inland to look after the people of Liverpool and the other keeps an eye on the port. Another legend is that if they were to face each other, they would mate, fly away and Liverpool would cease to exist. 

I don't know how often anyone would need to climb this ladder but they must be extremely brave.

On the walk back I snapped a couple of pics of some Superlambanana sculptures. (Caleb told me off when I got home because I didn't buy him a key ring with one on. I'd forgotten how much he likes these sculptures)

Spied some small jellyfish and a couple of crabs that ended up having what looked like a fight. I found out later that the docks are home to hundreds of conga eel.

We went to the Maritime Museum but we didn't walk around all of the exhibitions because it was just so hot in there.

From there we walked around the shops at the Albert Docks. Little L told us to keep our eyes open for a sweet shop because it had an amazing picture in the window of The Beatles made from thousands of jellybeans.

Another place we went to was The Piermaster's House. There were four houses built for the piermaster and this is the only one left standing after bombing during the Second World War. The house is now a museum depicting a working class family life during that time.

I'm glad we discovered this place as I think it was my favourite thing of the day. I could quite happily have moved in though I don't know how I could cope with a cooker that small. When I asked Little L what her favourite thing was she replied 'Watching the crabs have a fight. It's not something you see everyday'

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