Simple Needle Wraps

At the moment my knitting needles and crochet hooks live happily along side each other in an old knitting bag. That is until I need to find a pair of needles or hook then the entire contains are spilled on my bed for me to rummage through. Which is all well and good but doing it at night when Little L is in bed is a delicate situation, those needles seem to click and clank together more when they should be quiet. So the other night while watching the telly, I made these quick needle wraps.
3.oomm hook

Oddments of DK wool

Chain 22

Tr into the 4th ch from hook the tr into every chain

Change to a contrast colour

Slst all the way round to the point where the contrast colour was joined

Chain 5 ( This is used to form a loop )

Fasten off

Form a loop with the 5 chain and attach a small button to fasten


3.25mm knitting needles

Oddments of DK wool

Cast on 5 sts

K1, P1, rib until the piece measures approximately 8cm

Rib 2, yf, k2tog, rib 1

Rib 3 more rows

Cast off

Attach a small button to fasten

Really quick and easy wraps.
Next is trying and take control of the pesky crochet hooks

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