A wet day in Wales

The weather has been terrible here today and with hubby off on another shoot helping a friend I had the day off. I gave the house a once over then made this scrummy chocolate fudge cake ;

Chocolate Fudge Cake
8oz caster sugar
8oz soft margarine
3tbsp cocoa
3tbsp hot water
4 eggs
vanilla essence
8oz self raising flour

fudgy topping +filling
2 1\2 oz cocoa
6oz icing sugar
4oz butter

1-cream together the butter and sugar

2-mix cocoa and hot water toigether then add to the butter and sugar mix
3-add the eggs to your mix and blend well
4-now add a couple of drops of vanilla essence and your flour and mix until well combined

5- pour the mix into a prepared tin ( greased and lined with paper) then put into the oven 180c,gas4,350f  for 50- 60 mins

6- remove from the oven and leave to cool

7- once its cool slice in half ready to put in your fudgy filling

8- put butter, icing sugar and cocoa into a bowl and mix with a fork until it becomes fudgy. next spread on the bottom half of your cake and sandwich the two pieces together. spread the remaining fudge over the cake ( you may find a knife dipped in boiling water helps to spread it easier) .
9- now your cake is ready to eat. Tastes delicious warmed in the microwave and served with cream.

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