Crochet Foodie Thingies

Since last week I have been stuck into my Twinkie Chan book. The patterns are clearly written and easy to follow. First, I made these Strawberry Mitts which I kept for myself,

 the Cupcake Hat for my niece which I'm glad to hear she loves,

then the Cookie Scarf featured on the cover. I decided to make the chocolate chips on the scarf by making french knots instead of sticking on little poms poms as in the book then thought the back of the scarf looked messy so I made more cookie bases and slip stitched together on the last round. While this looks tidier it has made the scarf quite bulky so I'm hoping with a wash and a few wears that it will lose some of the chunkiness.
I'm making some more mitts from the book at the moment and I don't know if the boys were embarrassed or just amused when I pulled my hook and wool from my handbag today while waiting for their orthodontist appointment. We are always in there for quite some time and I managed to crochet one and half cuffs for my mitts. Beats reading magazines which are about 12 months out of date ( and they are the recent ones ).

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