My Crafty Year

As 2010 is nearly reached its end I thought that I would look back at the things I had been doing craft wise this year.

1) Crochet seemed to have been my main crafty outlet this year and especially appeared to have a love of making blankets.

2) I learnt how to make an embroidery transfer and even made my own pattern up. Fair enough its no Picasso but as a first attempt I was feeling quite chuffed with myself.

3) I discovered Amigurumi. Having never used crochet to make any toys before, I was soon hooked.

4) I learnt how to read a Japanese crochet pattern.  Having only used UK and US crochet patterns ( written format ) before I was slightly daunted when I first looked at a diagram pattern but it was easy peasey and I soon started whizzing through them.

5) I discovered Ravelry. A free online community site for knitters and crocheters. I could spent hours on there just looking at all the patterns available.

6) My first patchwork quilt was made. Abet a very small one for Little L's dolls cot but I still managed one

7) A wealth of information was found when I discovered a world of crafty blogs. I stumbled on these blogs while I was looking for a craft tutorial one day. I now follow about 60 but not all craft related, some for recipes and some just nice every day ramblings.

For my next crafty year I suppose I will be just going with whatever takes my fancy at the time but one thing I do want and desperately need to do is to organise all my craft things. They are all over the house. In the living room, on the landing, under the bed. As you can imagine this can be a bit inconvenient especially when the children are in bed and I am rummaging around the rooms at night so this is a 'must do' thing.

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Hand knitted Things said...

Hi Shell, loving this review of your crafting year, especially the red embroidery work. Sounds similar to here, I have things all over the house!

Best regards