Just In Time ..

We bought this old cot with the intentions of renovating for Little L for Christmas. This was an absolute age ago and it has only just been finished off tonight. It was left so late as besides a new paint job the only other thing that needed doing was one of the brackets to hold the drop side up was missing so needed replacing . I thought that could easily remedied by a quick trip to B & Q for a bracket but it turned out there was nothing similar there. Luckily I have a very clever husband who made some for it. So after being repainted, I used a Farrow & Hall paint - Pink Ground, it was ready for the lovely original 50's decals that I had found. This did not turn out as expected either as when I tried to remove the backing paper, very carefully, they just came away in bits. With us leaving it till the last minute and the Christmas deliveries being how they are, there was just no chance of getting any more until after the holidays.



The mattress was made by cutting a piece of foam to size and covering with calico. I made the sheets and pillow from an old flannelette cot sheet, the pillow case was embroidered and prettied with a crochet edge,I then made a crochet blanket and my first ever patchwork quilt. 

I'm sure Little L will be as pleased as punch when she wakes on Christmas day and receives this cot  to put her baba's in.

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WOW ! What a transformation. I love your bird embroidered pillowcase with the pretty edge. It is beautiful :)