A Trip To The Zoo

I have had a brilliant time today at Chester Zoo with Little L and Jay. We couldn't have picked better weather to have a day out. Plus as the zoo isn't in full season yet there weren't many people there so Little L was able to see the animals without being jostled about or stood on.
Today was the first time I have been in the Butterfly House they have there ( its was closed the last time I went ). Having never been in a butterfly house before I didn't realise how hot the temperature was going to be - It Was Hot. Also I had to wait for my glasses to stop steaming up so I could actually see anything.

We made sure that Little L got to see the owls.

But out of all the birds that we saw I fell in love with this European Vulture.

Something that I had never seen at the zoo ( or heard of ) before were these Bush Dogs. There were 11 of them in all and at one point they were walking in a circle, one after another like they were playing follow the leader. They noises that they make is kind of like the squeaky sound a guinea pig makes.

 Both myself and Jay said that we have not walked so far in a long time. All three of us had a lovely time, very tiring but a great day.