De-Stash Projects

Space or lack of it is abit of an issue in our house. I do say that Little L has far too many toys, the boys and husband should actually throw some of their stuff away but when I look round I play a big part too with my stash of wool, fabric, bags of half finished projects. My husband *bless him* never says a word about my stuff being here, there and everywhere and says we will never have an empty looking house because we have hobbies ( he has his guitars ).
Anyway lately I have been trying to reduce what I have before I buy anything else.

This teacosy was made for my husband ( I don't drink tea, I think it smells funny ). I got the idea for it from Crochet With Raymond Blog. Thank you Alice :). I used a teacosy pattern which I already had and omitted the frill from the  bottom. If you have not visited this blog before it is bursting with crochet made in some fabulous coloured wool plus there are some really useful tutorials posted.

My flock of birds were made using a pattern from another great crochet blog Attic 24 . Thank you Lucy :)

I also finished off a few things which had been hanging about for awhile. The bunting only needed some ends sewing in and the chick eggcosies, made last Easter were just waiting for some eyes. They do appear small though, maybe for quail eggs ?

and this cushion case was only waiting for buttons to be sewn on the back. Anyway while Little L is having 40 winks I think I will go for a rummage to see what else I can finish.