A Weekend Of Celebrations

It has been a weekend of celebrations here. Firstly my lovely niece turned 16 on Saturday. It only seems like yesterday when she was born and I was visiting my sister in hospital for my first peek at her. The years have just flown by.

Here's a photo of her aged about 3 months.
She spent her birthday at Manley Mere on the Adventure Trail with some of her friends where they all happily got caked in mud.Which they washed off by jumping in the lake before they went home.

As yesterday was Mother's Day, I was woken by with a card and some toast for me to eat in bed (which I did, mainly over my husbands side) and received some lovely pressies which Little L kindly opened for me. The white object in the photo is a dressing gown. Thank you boys and Little L. I hope everyone else had a lovely Mother's Day and was spoilt rotten.

I couldn't have a day of lounging about though as it was also my parents 40th Wedding Anniversary.My parent's on their wedding day with both of my grans, my mums twin brother and one of my cousins.

Me and Jay had decided to do a buffet and have us all together at my house. (My house as its the closest to my parents and we can't get to my sisters as neither me nor Anders drives). So after my toast it was to the kitchen to start on food. We had discussed on the phone as to who was making what food. Jay made all the cakes and considering she had never made a big celebration cake before she made an excellent job of the anniversary cake.

These are the chocolate cakes that Jay made. They were gorgeous, Little L couldn't get enough of them even if she was just eating the roses and licking the butter cream off before asking for another one. I think we did get bit carried away with the amount of food that we made though as Jay took some home with her and we have a fridge full here. It was the first time we have made a buffet between us though so we know for next time - its only for our family, not the whole street. Everyone had a great day and I think I'll still be hoovering up the odd piece confetti here for a few weeks yet.