A New Creative Outlet ..

for my school friend Stewart.
He amazes with the things he can do with Photoshop and Cinema 4d. Maybe its because Photoshop just doesn't sink in with me. I go on it in short bursts and forget anything I have learnt so the best I can do on there is a bit of digital scrapbooking. These are just a couple of pics that he has come up with.

His new creative outlet is photography. Some of his work can be seen here on Photobox. I especially like some of the photos in the Manchester collection and the pic of the carousel in the Ireland set. Stewart has also just started up a blog, OUTLAW ALIEN DIGITAL WORLD. ( He has been very busy for the past few days )

Stew has been told by many of his friends , including myself, how talented he is so I'm glad to see that he is now putting his work 'out there' for everyone to see and I wish him all the best with his new venture.