Planting And Pottering

I hope that everyone has had a lovely Easter weekend.
We all went to my parents yesterday for dinner and had one of my sisters yummy turkeys but as the weather has been brilliant here, we have spent most of our time in the garden, planting and just pottering about. I did try to remove some of our dreaded weeds at the beginning of the weekend and the backs of my legs are still complaining about it now ( that's how used to gardening I am ). I'm not that keen on doing things that need to be done in the garden such as cutting grass and hedges and weed control, just the nice things like planting.

I took some cutting from this Clematis for my dad as he wants another climbing plant to cover their pergola. I also sowed some basil, celery and pepper seeds. The peppers are mainly for my in - laws as I had grown this variety ( Sweet Orange Baby ) a few years ago and gave them some plants. They loved the peppers from them and have tried to find this type in supermarkets but haven't found anything like it. I was pleased to see that the strawberry plants we had last year have survived and the raspberries are thriving ( I do need to move those though ).Also the plant pots we have at the front of the house were looking extremely bare so they were planting up with some petunias. Little L sowed some sunflower seeds and cress.

Some wildlife new to Lydie was spotted like this nest of baby spiders, which she wasn't overly impressed with and a centipede, which she loved. At the moment she has a baby frog in a bucket and is a bit concerned that its mummy isn't about so I had better go and join the hunt for mummy frog.