Growing Up too Fast

Last week I enrolled Little L in one of our local pre schools. When I rang to enquire about places at the school, the woman sounded a bit shocked that I hadn't put her in a school already. As she has already turned three, she is one of the older children attending. This is mainly due to rules being changed for pre schools where children still in nappies can attend. The reason why Little L isn't already in a school is that she is going to be one of the youngest children in her school year and will be aged four for most of the year and I didn't want her to spend most of her toddler years in a pre school.

Anyway last week I took her for a session and stayed to make sure she was OK. She took her favourite doll, George, with her ( he goes everywhere ) which caused a bit of friction as some of the other children tried to take him off her but other than getting upset about that she was fine.

Today was the first time I left her and I think I was more upset than she was. We had come to an agreement that George was to stay at home and I was to look after him. I didn't know what to do when I got back home. I popped the telly on just to make some noise, made some biscuits and just watched the clock until it was time to collect her and time seemed to go extra slow this morning. One of the assistants said Little L settled in OK and joined in with more things on this session.

Here she is flat out with George after an exhausting morning.

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