The New Visitor


Today I tried out a new recipe using damsons as I still have bags of them in the freezer and need the space plus I think we have enough jam to last us a year. I made damson cobbler using this recipe. It looks OK but as I don't like damsons I'll have to wait for my food testers, my husband, dad and son to try it for their verdict on taste.

While I was tidying the kitchen I spied our new visitor. We have had a squirrel visit the garden every day for about a week. After living here for eight years and only seen one in the garden once before, I don't know why this one has become a bit of a regular visitor. Not that I mind, I went and bought some nuts for him so you would think he would let me take a few snaps in return but this chap doesn't hang about.  I've tried creeping up on it to take photos but I don't stand a chance,it's far too fast for me so today I ran upstairs to take one of it. He seems to be doing quite a bit of digging around in the borders so I wonder if he's hiding his food stash for over Winter.

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