It's Finally Finished ..

 the blanket which I started back in March. I don't think that it has ever taken me this long to complete a blanket. I know that my achy hand played a big part in slowing me down but it just seemed never ending.

 My husband prefers this blanket compared to any others I have made as do my mum and mother in law. My mum as already said that she would like one, to which I just groaned. I won't be rushing into another one like this just yet but I saw a pattern for a blanket made with crocheted hexagons the other day which I might try, if only I can remember where I saw it.

Something which was a lot faster to make were these fingerless cable mitts made with one of the patterns from the hand knitted things giveaway. I actually finished these at the end of last month and worn them on a little jaunt to Manchester with the family. This photo was taken on the train on the way there.


amy said...

It's beautiful!! It does look like it took quite a bit of time, though--but oh, so pretty. And nice mitts too! I love fingerless mitts, they keep my hands from freezing but my fingers are still free for the car seat buckles!

Julia said...

The blanket is gorgeous! I was just admiring it and scrolled down to see if you have any close up shots of it. Then I find a lovely pic of your gloves! They look great! Thanks for the mention. Any more pics of the blanket! The colours are lovely! There looks to be a lot of different complicated motifs no wonder it took you a while to complete. Best regards Julia

Miss Val's Creations said...

The quilt is gorgeous! I can't even begin to think about how many hours that took to create!!!! Your fingerless gloves are beautiful.